Hiring: Woodworker

Scopa makes high-quality homes for wild bees, and is looking to expand into a range of outdoor products. We design and build these alongside native bee specialists to create the best, longest lasting bee homes possible. We have a small shop based just south of downtown Ottawa where we build all of our products from locally milled white oak.

Role Description

This is a part-time, on-site role for a woodworker located in Ottawa, ON. You should be comfortable with all aspects of woodworking from milling raw lumber, through to component creation, assembly and finishing. If there are areas where you are less comfortable, we are happy to train - what matters most is that we enjoy working alongside you and that you are willing to learn.

Experience with a CNC machine is an asset but not required. Same goes for other skills like CAD. That being said, anyone that is as comfortable with a hand plane as they are with a mouse and keyboard would be a strong candidate. We're all about using whatever tool is at our disposal to do the job correctly and quickly.

An ideal candidate would be someone that cares a lot about getting the details right, and that has good instincts for finding ways to improve how we do things without sacrificing quality. If your presence on a team makes the whole team better, you're probably a good fit.

Helpful Qualifications

  • Experience in designing and building your own furniture
  • Knowledge of a range of power and hand tools
  • Attention to detail and an eye for quality workmanship
  • A strong work ethic